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Microsoft Teams background effects arriving mid April  - #139

April 6, 2020

Only the most anticipated feature while we all work from home... change our backgrounds in Microsoft Teams so we don't look like we're working from home!    

Also on the show:    
- Sharing behavior for non-Office resources     

- Secure by default: Junking domains that fail authentication    

- Outlook on the web, new editor capabilities (Microsoft Editor)    

- Licensing and enforcement deadline extensions for Dynamics 365, Power Automate, and Power Apps    

- SharePoint and OneDrive command bar reorganized for Power Automate features    

- SharePoint Spaces Preview: It's actually arriving!    

- Yammer uses your Office profile (and steps up consistent experience).    

- Yammer All Company feed to get Office 365 Groups and Live Events features    

- SharePoint File Delete Lockout override    

- Create a SharePoint list by importing an Excel table    

- Outlook mobile improvements to calendar and time management    

- More Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments (thanks #Covid19)    

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center.    

Check out Daniel and Darrell's own YouTube channels at:    
Daniel - https://www.youtube.com/DanielGlenn     
Darrell - https://www.youtube.com/modernworkplacescenarios     


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