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#128 - Enhanced scheduling experience in Teams

January 20, 2020

*Stay tuned to the end for a special interview with Susan Hanley, SharePoint consultant & Microsoft MVP, concerning default SharePoint sharing links that can now default to people with existing access*

Meetings are a core experience in Microsoft Teams. In the early days of the release of Teams, scheduling a meeting was a simple but limited experience. Today, the meeting scheduling form in Teams is just about at parity with the Outlook on the web scheduling form. This release gives more options for the meeting organiser. Search from the location picker. A new availability indicator for those you invite. Tabs in edit mode provide access to Scheduling Assistant, Files, Chats and meeting notes while you create or edit the invite.      
Also in this week's show:    

- Self-service purchase capabilities for Microsoft Power Platform    

- Lobby control for dial-in attendees in Microsoft Teams    

- changes to Quarantine Permissions    

- Service health dashboard - Report an issue (Update)    

- Office What's New management - again    

- Blocking sensitive information in notifications for Outlook for iOS (delayed)    

- End user access to phishing email (Update)    

- Microsoft Teams Read receipts roll-out (timeline update)    

- SharePoint page difference visualization (timeline update)    

- Bing Image search and YouTube search in combined toggle for Forms    

- Per-site sharing links can now default to people with existing access    

- Use Power Automate to approve SharePoint hub-site joins (timeline update)    

- Microsoft Stream cloud recordings changes to data center recording locations    

- Allow OneDrive to disable Windows permission inheritance in folders synced read-only    

- Outlook on the web - add a personal calendar, TeamSnap account    

- Microsoft Search in Bing User Experience refreshed    

- Announce when dial-in users join/leave a meeting in Microsoft Teams (update)    

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell Webster as they cover the latest messages in the #Microsoft365 Message Center.    

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