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#129 - Office 365 ProPlus changes to browser default search engine

January 29, 2020

Microsoft Search is one of the big focuses for Microsoft 365 this year. It's instrumental in productivity and finding the info you're looking for. The entry points for using Microsoft Search have expanded to a search box in the title bar of Office applications and integration with Bing.
This update to Office 365 Pro Plus will change Google Chrome to use Bing as the default search engine. Unsurprisingly, the technical community had some opinions to express about this.   

Also in this week's show:    

- Microsoft database containing Customer Support data was accessible from the Internet    

- Be aware and prepared – web sites you use may not work in Chrome 80    

- Updates to Yammer Private Messages API    

- Microsoft Power Automate in Microsoft 365 Service health and Message center    

- New Feature: Outlook on the web - new experience in mobile browsers    

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell Webster as they cover the latest messages in the #Microsoft365 Message Center.    

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