365 Message Center Show

Microsoft Teams Call Merge - #155

July 31, 2020

On a group call and see another call coming in from someone else on the same project? Answer their call. You might find they can join your current call. Now, you'll be able to merge the calls effortlessly. No need to ask them to hang up so you can add them to the group call.    
- Outlook - new resource booking capabilities    

- Microsoft Teams Call Merge    
- Update on Copy and Restore operations    
- Retirement of notifications functionality in all Office 365 web apps except Outlook    
- Office 365 ATP: External email forwarding controls and policy change    
- New Feature: License request workflow (it's back!)    
- Enabling new Microsoft Teams meeting experience    


Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center.        

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