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Teams Large gallery and Together Mode in browser - #180

February 1, 2021

Got guests joining your Teams meeting via a web browser and want to make them feel more included in the meeting? Together Mode and Large gallery will be available for attendees joining in the browser. So even if they don't have Teams installed, they can be seen in the scene - together. Remember to let them know where to find the feature.    

In this episode:    

- Large gallery view and Together Mode for web meetings in Edge and Chrome browsers    
- SharePoint web part toolbox updates    
- Changes to private Content Delivery Networks (CDN)    
- Public preview simplified mobile app sign in    

📢 Quick mentions - short updates and reminders to prepare for major updates    
- Override Alerts for Microsoft Defender    
- Reminder: Azure SSL/TLS certificate changes    
M365 Apps updates for Current Channel    
- Outlook - End meetings early by 5 to 10min    
- Outlook - Add Teams meeting details to every meeting    

📞 Call back - Discuss one or twos updates that we've covered in older episode, which are arriving in tenants.    
- SharePoint site header updates - minimal and extended options      

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center.  

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